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Sito della Associazione Apostoli della Divina Misericordia con Maria Regina della Pace O.N.L.U.S.


Apostoli della Divina Misericordia con Maria Regina della pace


Dear friend, peace and well.


The creation of this site is both as a small contribution to the cult of Divine Mercy: trust in the infinite goodness of God and do works of mercy to others.


This is the mission that Jesus entrusted to St. Faustina Kowalska: Divine Mercy address the message to the world. I hope that the "surf" this site may help you in your spiritual growth and help you better understand the 'abyss' of His Mercy.


The Lord bless you, keep you and show you his merciful face!


The association "Apostles of Divine Mercy with Mary Queen of Peace"
has been recognized as a private association of faithful in accordance with the Code of Canon Law.


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The association has never authorized anyone to ask for monetary donations and if anyone has received such requests, it is kindly requested to inform us by e-mail.






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27 Novembre 2013 - Fotogallery

10^ Perla di Luce - VERITA'

10^ Perla di Luce - VERITA'

9^ Perla di Luce - PREGHIERA

9^ Perla di Luce - PREGHIERA


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Botschaft, 25. Juni 2024

"Liebe Kinder! Ich freue mich mit euch und ich danke Gott, dass Er mir erlaubt hat, bei euch zu sein, um euch zu führen und zu lieben. Meine lieben Kinder, der Friede ist in Gefahr und die Familie steht unter Angriff. Meine lieben Kinder, ich rufe euch auf, kehrt zum Gebet in der Familie zurück. Stellt die Heilige Schrift an einen sichtbaren Platz und lest sie jeden Tag. Liebt Gott über alles, damit es euch wohl ergehe auf der Erde. Danke, dass ihr meinem Ruf gefolgt seid." JÄHRLICHE ERSCHEINUNG DER MUTTERGOTTES AN IVANKA, AM 25. JUNI 2024 Die Erscheinung dauerte 6 Minuten (18:37h - 18:43h). Ivanka hatte die Erscheinung in ihrem Familienhaus. Nur die Familie Ivankas war bei der Erscheinung anwesend. Nach der Erscheinung sagte Ivanka: Die Muttergottes hat folgende Botschaft gegeben: „Meine Kinder, betet, betet, betet. Empfangt meinen mütterlichen Segen.''

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Message, 25. June 2024

“Dear children! I rejoice with you and thank God for permitting me to be with you, to lead you and love you. Little children, peace is in danger and the family is under attack. I am calling you, little children: return to prayer in the family. Put Sacred Scripture in a visible place and read it every day. Love God above all that it may be good for you on earth. Thank you for having responded to my call.” OUR LADY’S ANNUAL APPARITION TO IVANKA - JUNE 25, 2024 The apparition, which lasted 6 minutes (18:37h - 18:43h), took place at Ivanka’s family home. Only Ivanka’s family was present at the apparition. After the apparition, Ivanka said: Our Lady gave the following message: My children,pray,pray,pray. Receive my motherly blessing.

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Message, March 2, 2020 “Dear children, Your pure and sincere love draws my motherly heart. Your faith and trust in the Heavenly Father are fragrant roses which you offer to me—the most beautiful bouquets of roses which consist of your prayers, acts of mercy and of love....
Message, February 2, 2020 - “Dear children! By the act of the decision and love of God, I am chosen to be the Mother of God and your mother. But also by my will and my immeasurable love for the Heavenly Father and my complete trust in Him, my body was the chalice of the God-man. I was in...
  Message, January 2, 2020 “Dear children, I know that I am present in your lives and in your hearts. I feel your love, I hear your prayers and direct them to my Son. But, my children, according to motherly love, I desire to be in the lives of all of my children. I desire to...